Elvis Likes The Spinner 360

2012-12-11 3

Belgian Lomographer Elvis couldn’t quite pick his favourite analogue camera. So in Eurovision Song Contest style, he gave out points. Find out how your favourite camera ranked after the jump.

Credits: elvis

“Thinking about my favorite camera has resulted in sleepless nights cause I find it really hard to judge.

I have a Spinner 360° which gives me superdooper cool panoramas.

A La Sardina which is a really cool and well-designed camera.

A Sprocket Rocket for those retro feeling sprocket holes which I like very very much!!!

Credits: elvis

and I also have a Slim devil which came with the blackbird fly, since I don’t have the budget (yet) for a Lomo LC-Wide.

+ Some Polaroids for that instant happiness.

A Canonet to use with the more expensive type of film like Fuji Velvia and B/W

I also have a Diana MIni and a Fisheye No. 2 for those fun party pics!

Credits: elvis

And off course last but not least a Diana F+ and a Holga 135 BC, 2 of my favorite camera’s that give me those really dreamy pictures. My most liked picture is taken with the Diana F+ by the way ;-)

Credits: elvis

But, like I’ve already said, I find it really hard to judge. If I really have to pick a favorite camera then these are the points from the Belgian jury:

1 point for …….. Canonet (sharp photographs)
2 points for …….. La Sardina (wide angle!)
3 points ……. Fisheye No. 2 ( Fun pics)
4 points …….. all of my instant camera’s (instant retro feeling)
6 points …….. Slim Devil and Sprocket Rocket.
8 points …….. Holga 135 BC: (more dreaming)
10 points …….. Diana F+ (dream, dream, dream)


12 points for …….. Spinner 360° (I like this one the most for its maximum fun and cool panorama photos!!)

But hey, if you ask me again next month after a few parties, it could be the Fisheye is on top instead, or the La Sardina or…

There go my nights again! Hahahaha."


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  1. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @elvis :)))

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  3. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    @elvis Nice One. You should assess them again next year ! kzen nekier curieus wat dat go geven

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