Lomography Recap: October 2012

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Picking up where we left off, we’re walking down memory lane towards October 2012! What was abuzz with Lomography during this month? All you need to do to find out is click. Relive and cherish those precious moments with us is right after the jump!

Top Photos of October 2012

While we have a running series of most popular photos uploaded each month, we know you want to see more of those breath-taking skies, interesting people, dreamy landscapes, and many other fascinating scenes. Therefore, allow us to present you a more complete gallery of March 2012’s most popular photos below:

Credits: bloomchen, isabel_mebarak, emkei, ck_berlin, maduz, weidong, adamo-75, lazybuddha, tsingtao, hodachrome, albeelee, grazie, triky76, dida, earlybird, kleeblatt, superkulisap, satomi, tall_bastard, bonzone, kathepalacio & _haustor

Lomography’s Newsmakers

Malcolm Browne – AP

There were plenty of interesting news bits in the analogue front back in October. We’ve got redditor and analogue shooter Tenzing Norgay musing about what he learned about photo equipment from the last 40 years, there’s the controversial younger Mona Lisa painting, and of course we’ve got the great news that Ilford will continue in producing the beloved Delta 3200. There’s two documentaries involved in photography as well, one with filmmaker Ben Shapiro following master lensman Gregory Crewdson, and one where actor keanu Reaves asks the crucial question, 'Can film survive our digital future?'

October also saw the introduction of Lomography’s newest darling: the Belair camera! We got the juicy first impressions on the New Belair X 6-12 from various blogs while we opened up pre-orders for the camera itself. Don’t slack off. Get one for yourself today!

Living the Analogue Lifestyle

Photos by Ronironic, Bernard Rose, Andy Martin, Roobit1970, LANCEPHOTO, Darcy Perkins, slimmer_jimmer, and John J. Genna

For October’s feature articles, we gave you glimpses of drool-worthy film stashes on Flickr, a little contest on whether a photo is digital or not, 10 weird yet awesome vintage halloween costumes, and we continued with our Classic Albums in Lomographs series, this time detailing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

To whet your appetites, we had quite a lot of teasers for the Belair camera! We’ve got satomi doing a test run of the Belair, while we also published galleries detailing the camera's prowess, whether it be square 6x6, the wide 6x9, or the expansive 6x12 format.


Film reviews were all the rage for October. Lomographers from all over reported their first-hand experiences in using the Fuji Velvia 50, the Lomo Redscale XR 50-200, our brand new emulsion the Lomography Sunset Strip 100, as well as the rare and exotic Kodak Aerochrome. We also have our friends in Malaysia reviewing different cameras with different films to great results!

For cameras, we’ve got an in-depth introduction to the Lubitel 166+, a quick look at the Belair X 6-12 and a fun-filled chronicle of the half frame Yashica 72-E camera

The buck doesn’t stop there as we’ve got accessory reviews as well! There’s the Visual Guide to the ColorSplash Flash, and a review of the DigitaLiza 120


Credits: kylethefrench, lakandula, jorgesato & makeyuu

Cracking the code was what Tipsters was all about for October. We asked your favorite Lomographers to spill their secrets to getting those oh-so-purrty photos and they graciously delivered! kylethefrench shares how to do his ethereal light painting shots, lakandula's discusses his absolutely breathtaking SuperSampler doubles, jorgesato spills the beans on his splitzer masterpieces, and makeyuu gives a whole new meaning to the word patience. These are the epitome of a master class!

Credits: plasticpopsicle & hodachrome

For those afflicted with wanderlust, we’ve got Tips for Analogue Travelers, and Packing Tips for the Analogue Traveler. You can also spice up your travel photos by incorporating the Lomography Splitzer in your shots.

Credits: susielomovitz

October also brought something for our DIY and experiment afficionados. We’ve got an incredible light painting tutorial, a cool way of refurbishing your old Kiev camera, and another tipster on how to make your own homemade redscale films.


Credits: walasiteodito, plasticpopsicle & djramsay

What was October like for Locations? It was all about spectacular sunrise and sunsets! We chase the sun in beautiful Cozze, gorgeous South Hampton, over in exotic Valenzuela, Mindoro's lovely beaches, to Manila Bay's magnificent view.

Credits: nicx, lihooi, fixou, tiro8, neja, biri & mok

One of our staff, geegraphy, also shared her Wanderlust Wonderlist in two parts, detailing the places she would like to visit at least once in this lifetime.

How about you, can you recall any of your milestones from October 2012? Why don’t you tell us about them with a comment below, or better yet, submit an article about your 2012 in analogue!

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