Lomography Recap: August 2012

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Spotlight’s now on the eight month as we go through the Lomography year-end editorial recap series.

Top Photos of August 2012

It’s the month of the greats as this year’s August brings in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. But before we get into that, let’s look at our very own Olympians! Have a look at this month’s top photos.

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We found ourselves going through quite the exciting month as August 2012 paved way for the historic Summer Olympics in London, as well as the initial call-out for analogue athletes for the LC-Wide Race.

We’ve also asked what your dreamy desires were, and if they include a long-lasting friendship like what these five men share?

On the flipside, we know that the word “iPhone” is one of the last words you expect to read here, but we’ve got a good reason! Imagine having a glass back that doubled as a wet plate, or how about watching your LomoKino movies straight after they have been developed?

And finally, our August newsmakers wouldn’t be complete without the launch of our Diana Baby being mentioned!


We’re back to basics last August as we gave the lowdown on the beginner’s guide to Lomography. From price points (whether you’re looking at a 50-100 EUR/USD budget or below) to format and photo types, it’s all here.

We also featured the brilliant Ian Ruhter and his wet plate masterpieces, and a video teaching you how to create your own 6-month pinhole camera. How's that for analogue?


As always, this month got its fair share of analogue love as we read reviews for the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s, the Diana F+ El Toro, and the Lubitel 166B. We also read a rather lovely review of the Sekonic L 508 Light Meter and another review in the form of a letter to the Canon EOS 88.

Of course, not all reviews are created equal and there are bound to be some not so positive ones out there like this one about the “moody” HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner.

On the film side, we got to know how the shots from a Kodacolor II 110 would look like if it was left to be forgotten for nearly 30 years, and how the Ilford FP4+ 120 fares as a monochrome film. The then-recently-released Lomography Color Tiger 110 also got some raves as well as the old-standby, the Lomography CN 400 35mm.


If all the other DIY film developing tutorials out there are too confusing for you, we just have the thing for you in the form of this simple tipster! And how about tips for cross-processing? Also, have you imagined how CN film would look like when processed with chemicals meant for B&W?

And perhaps, when you’ve gotten the film out of the canister, you might want to turn it into a funky flash drive?

We’ve also got a guide for getting the perfect portrait background, and getting beautiful otherworldly doubles, as well as a handful of DIY craft tips.


London might seem to have its more than fair share of mentions, but this article about a lomographer’s mother becoming a lomographer herself, and shooting Londontown, is an instant fave.

See Budapest and Malawi in 170-degrees, as well as the saturated sights of Granada, Spain, and Malacca, Malaysia, and the streets of Guatemala.

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    Thanks for picking my review of Tiger 110 film and featuring the photo! Very happy with that.

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