Winter Wonderland: Walking to Work

2012-12-20 2

Every day, I walk the same way to work. Sometimes, the weather is beautiful with stunning sunrises and lovely light, and sometimes its freezing cold, blanketed with snow and resembling a beautiful winter wonderland.

On the outskirts of Leeds, near the main ring road, my walk through the fields is takes ten minutes at most. Although I am close to a small town and indeed, the city of Leeds, walking through the fields makes me feel like I could be anywhere in the UK, surrounded by its lovely nature. I take my time enjoying my surroundings and marveling at its beauty. I love capturing how much the landscape changes around me every day, and the snow makes everything seem so bleak, quiet and eerie.

Photos taken with my Exacta 135 camera

Although I don’t see a lot in terms of landmarks on my walk to work, it is a beautiful reminder of the English country side and agriculture. Trimmed hedgerows surround farmer’s fields, tall trees — either Oak or Beech — give an even stronger representation of the boundaries created over time. Birds dart and chirp along side me and occasionally, I see a squirrel.

Often, in the Winter, a small herd of deer carefully watches their surroundings. If I look one way in the distance, I can see the city of Leeds, and many of the houses, towns, and buildings that surround the city; if I look the other side, I can see the beginnings of the Yorkshire Dales and reminders of the Mills that used to dominate the local industry.

Photos taken with my Exacta 135 camera

One of my favourite things about snow is how it transforms even the simplest, every day locations and things into something lovely with dramatic contrasts against the bleak trees and solid ground.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    It looks like you live in a Robert Frost poem, so peaceful.

  2. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    This is a lovely article. I must must take more photos when I am out and about.

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