Kasunanan Surakarta Palace: Old Java Kingdom

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Surakarta is a unique city in East Java especially to those who really love antique stuff. If you wanna go back to 100 years past, follow me.

Credits: dreadlockboy

This palace is the “successor” of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom. After several attempts of moving the palace from Kotagede, Pleret to Kartasura, the pemberontakan kuning, or the yellow rebellion by Chinese, forced Mataram to move its palace to the village of Sala. Internal conflict and the Dutch intervention then divided this kingdom into Kasunanan Surakarta, and Yogyakarta Sultanate in 1755 through Giyanti Agreement.

If you come here, you will feel like you’re back to the era of the kingdom, especially the Javanese Kingdom. It is almost like a castle because you will find the main gate with huge doors.

Credits: dreadlockboy

And after that, you will find the front of the palace called Kori Kamandungan, with the bell tower named Panggung Songgobuwono behind it. It was used as watchtower for the palace to look out for enemies, and for emergency situations.

Credits: dreadlockboy

The main building is named Kompleks Kedhaton. There’s a big park inside the main building, but remember not to wear shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and shirts without sleeves if you want to enter. We have to walk barefoot on the sand that was said to taken from the South Coast.

Credits: dreadlockboy

And if you like antiques, there’s a lot here, from old statues to old photographs.

Credits: dreadlockboy

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  1. arydwiaji
    arydwiaji ·

    Wah keren artikelnya.. penuh info. sekalian belajar sejarah.. hehehe..

  2. dreadlockboy
    dreadlockboy ·

    @arydwiaji wah baru tau klo artikel ini masuk..hehehehe...makasih...memang paling enak ke tempat jadul pake film BW :)

  3. spidey27
    spidey27 ·

    klasikk asikkk :)

  4. dreadlockboy
    dreadlockboy ·

    @spidey27 klo orang tua kyk saya cm bisa maen ke tempat yg gini2 ;p

  5. spidey27
    spidey27 ·

    yg penting msi jiwa muda ;D

  6. ucinz
    ucinz ·

    keren mas @dreadlockboy :) btw itu salah bukan di east java tp central java, kan kota solo tuh

  7. dreadlockboy
    dreadlockboy ·

    waaah lupa @ucinz ,kmrn soalnya ngirim nya yg revisi pertama...wahahaha....pdhal yg ke dua ud aku ganti....ya sudahlah...yg penting di map bener nampaknya..hehehehehe

  8. ucinz
    ucinz ·

    wkwkwk iya yg penting mapnya bener haha :D

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