The Art of Collecting and Distributing Photography


How do you document your life experience? Do you collect all the photos others have taken of you or do you regimentally photograph yourself? Do neither of these interest you as much as observing other people’s photographs do? Are you a collector or photo taker, or both? It’s my understanding that these aren’t mutually exclusive terms…

We recently stumbled across an interesting blog, tended by Katherine Anne Griffiths in Australia, called Photobooth Journal. While there are many self-documenters out there, Katherine’s is quite charming, as is the backstory: “Photobooth Journal is a personal collection of photobooth photos that make up a photographic journal of my life starting with a trip to Melbourne shopping Mecca, Chadstone Shopping Centre in 1973. I was 11 years old.”

Kartherine also collects other people’s photographs that she salvages online and around the place from other photobooth and vintage photography lovers.

Do you like collecting old photos and attempting to piece together stories based on the sole face smiling (or pulling a face) back at you?

How about ‘distributing’ photography? So, you like sharing your works online, but how about offline? I’m not talking about entering your photos into a contest or paying to have them hung in a coffee shop, but simply, and secretly, sticking them to a park bench or leaving your photobooth takes in the dispenser for the next person to pick-up.

Share your stories and found photos with us!

This article was inspired by Lost At E Minor

written by soundfoodaround on 2012-12-10 #lifestyle #collecting #old #vintage #photobooth #discarded #found #hobby #distributing


  1. sapphire-st
    sapphire-st ·

    Reminds me of Nino's hobby from the Amelie movie :)

  2. katherine-griffiths1
    katherine-griffiths1 ·

    Thanks for this article. I found it by chance. I am off to explore the rest of this site. Looks like fun!

  3. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    @katherine-griffiths1 welcome to our community :) thank you for your inspiration and you're most welcome!

    @sapphire-st yes!

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