Antony Gormley at CCBB São Paulo


The human body as you have never seen before. See the pictures after the jump!

The English artist Antony Gormley made a nice exposition at CCBB São Paulo – and outside it too. What do you mean “outside”? I’ll explain.

With his show “Still Being,” Gormley created 27 sculptures of iron (weighing 630 pounds) based in the mold of his body and spread several of these works through the city center, including the tops of buildings.

As a result, some people ask “- but what is it doing there?” and that’s exactly what the artist wants the public to do. That was the way that Gormley found to break the passivity of the people and make them think a little about the aspects of their respective cities. Some people even called the police saying there was a suicide at the top of a building. This is Art!

To know more about this artist, visit his official website
Besides the sculptures, you will find drawings and installations.

written by jorgesato on 2013-01-30 #art #lifestyle #sculpture #arte #escultura #antony-gormley
translated by monamarques

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