Paraty: Fish Water


Considered a National Historical Heritage, Paraty in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one city worth visiting.

There is a story that says the name “Paraty” came from two words in Tupi: pirá (“fish”) and ty (“water”), the result of this union would be “fish water”.

Whether it’s true or not, what we see in Paraty are more men and women gaining the sea, and making it their livelihood.

Walking on the cobblestone streets, observing the mansions, hearing the carriages rattling through the streets… It is an unforgettable experience. Strolling through the historic center is experiencing life in another time.

In each corner, a story can be told. My favorite one is about the tiles of houses. They say that the slaves put the clay on their thighs to mold the tiles — some had thick thighs, others thin, so the tiles were of different sizes, giving rise to the expression “do on thighs.”

I could hear this story over and over again, every time I am there.

Paraty is made for those who enjoy culture, adventure, and cuisine, and for those who love nature, the sea, the story. Surely, you’ll find a story to fall in love with, and a beautiful place to photograph there.

written by mahcalura on 2012-12-13 #places #art #culture #fish #paraty #location #pescadores #lugares #arte-e-cultura #guias-de-cidades #pentaxme
translated by monamarques

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