Pinky's Analogue Book

2013-01-31 1

Your best friend’s book. Some tips for you to make nice pictures of your pet!

Here’s my tribute to the family dog, Pinky. Photographing your pet has several purposes beyond recording for posterity. You can test a new technique with them because if they come out bad, certainly they won’t complain.

But I confess that one of my favorite goals is to end that film that lack one or two poses and you’re freaking out go to the lab. Then you see your dog or cat looking at you, faced “shoot me now!” ahhhhh, no way, the time is now!

If your pet is hyper-active, even better! Because after all, you will still train as quickly compose a photograph. You make the picture on level hard, because if it was easy it would not have so much grace. Good Luck!

written by jorgesato on 2013-01-31 #lifestyle #book #dog #pet #cachorro #pinky
translated by monamarques

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  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    What a beautiful little guy! He's like a cotton ball with legs!

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