Fuji Provia ISO 100 Expired 1997 : Still Awesome on its 15 Years Expired

2012-12-21 6

Using too long ago expired films are like gambling. If you are afraid to lose, it’s best to not gamble!

I was really going mad when I decided to buy 50 rolls of Fuji Provia slide/positive film ISO 100 that are expired on October 1997 from Satria Rudana @satrya . At that time, I didn’t know if really old expired film (sometime) can be used anymore because I haven’t have that problem with slide film until last week. I tried Kodak Ektachrome HC slide/positive film ISO 100 expired 1994 that I bought, just to find the fact that after I used the film and developed it at the photo lab, that the film was empty, and there were no pictures there. Okay, enough about my first (and hope the last) sad experience with expired slide film, let’s get back to Fuji Provia ISO 100 expired 1997. Whoops, I almost forgot to tell that the Kodak Ektachrome HC expired 1994 that I bought had a terrible smell. No it’s not like usual funny smell of expired film, but tend to be a rancid and sour, probably some chemical that’s very yucky.

Credits: hervinsyah

Oh, I forgot to tell you that @satrya is one of the best and recommended film resellers ;) He sold 50 rolls of Fuji Provia to me. After taking this 50 sweethearts home, I used it like crazy. I use it anytime anywhere.

Credits: hervinsyah

I didn’t realize that this expired film is also good in night situations. This self-considering as failed photo by me was chosen as Photo Of The Day at lomography.asia on September 6th, 2012.

Credits: hervinsyah

Time was running very fast. In Indonesia we don’t say that time is “running”, we say waktu (time) berjalan (walking) dengan cepatnya (very fast). The point is it looks like tomorrow when I bought my 50 rolls Fuji Provia, and now I only have two, one for my future LC-Wide and one for my future E-6 process.

Credits: hervinsyah

There are also a time when I’m very dissatisfied and do not appreciate this film because I get bored using it on every self/group lomowalk. But this film always bring back good old days and memories.

Credits: hervinsyah

Now I realize how much I missed this film.

And this is my 48th roll which was quite disappointing. What a waste!

From now on, I’m more appreciative film. Every inch of the roll is very valuable. I should think that the film inside my camera are similar price as the marvelous color infra red film that I really want to try but can’t afford it yet =p

As the citizen of a poor country I should use my film efficiently and fluently.

Using 48 rolls of amazing expired film and only getting some so-so results are the most important lesson of my analogue life.

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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    ngeborong jokulan satrya niyeee. :D

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @istionojr : Hehe, jaman cuma kenal EBX di Kamal, ngeliat Provia murah langsung kalap =D

  3. deriz
    deriz ·

    Nice article!

  4. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @deriz : Thanks =)

  5. deriz
    deriz ·

    Just submitted a translation of your article to Lomography Italy.

  6. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @deriz : Thanks again =D

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