DIY: Homemade Revolog Idea

2012-12-17 2

Why spend more when you love doing tipsters?

Some days ago i was reading through some blog and i was caught by some photographs on Pretty in Mad and i started thinking on how could i reproduce the same effect without spending a lot of money for a single roll.

The article was on Revolog’s Volvox. The Revolog has a lot on interesting handmade films in its catalog, everyone with a different effect.

The film’s effect in this case is like this one:

Photos from Pretty in mad’s blog

So, what do we need? Surely a film with low iso, in my case i used a 200 ISO expired film and a laser pointer(also a cheap one).

This is the laser effect i used:

At this point we have to prepare. go in completely dark room and unroll the film. Now we have to set the pen light on and off some times on the film and roll it back. Now you can turn on the light.

Da fare al buio.

Load the film in one of the numerous Lomography cameras, i have chosen my Lomo LC-A

As a first test i didn’t expect anything of interest but, hey, i didn’t burn the film!

Credits: flashstalker

Two personal points of view:

  • When you expose the film to the laser light you have to be really steady. Stabilize somewhere and expose.
  • In my case, the expired film had to be overexposed at least of one stop.

ломо ON

written by flashstalker on 2012-12-17 #gear #tutorials #tipster #italy-milano-homemade
translated by yayoboy


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    supercool! :-)

  2. crowdizzle
    crowdizzle ·

    any place to purchase this kind of film? i love the d.i.y. method you took, but would really hate to "waste" a roll of film. also, what kind of laser is that? ive only seen the normal red/green dot versions.

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