One of the First Belair Owners: shooooter from Japan!

2012-12-10 1

Lomography Japan is receiving more Belair and immediately shipping them out to the loyal Lomographers who pre-ordered during the first round! shooooter is the one of these Lomographers to receive the Belair first in Japan. His first impressions and user review of the Belair are after the jump!

The first impression is always important for everything in our lives. As such, shooooter has decided to share his important first impression of the Belair:

When I grabbed the Belair and held it, it felt so light and it looked so cool! My impression about medium format cameras are usually “heavy” and “bulky”. But the Belair changed everything. It can become very compact when you fold the bellows in which allows you to simply bring it with you everywhere. I’ve actually been shooting a lot of medium format films but all the while wishing for smaller medium format cameras so that I wouldn’t have to carry bulky equipment around when I went to shoot! Therefore, I’m looking forward to shooting more with and getting a good feel of the Belair!

You can also check out his LomoHome and his blog to see his Belair photos! We are so looking forward to seeing his new shots with the Belair soon!

Thank you so very much for sharing your first impressions of the Belair, shooooter !

We are still taking pre-orders of the Belair right now! It will be shipped by January, 2013 if you book now. Order here !

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translated by whynotwinnipeg

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