San Francisco Bay Bridge Tour


Take advantage of history in the making by photographing San Francisco’s bay bridge with your Lomography camera! Our staff member, Sherese had an internship with Bay Area photographer, Joshua Ets-Hokin, who inspired her to write this while assisting on a shoot for a bridge tour. Before jumping on board with the Cal Trans guide and crew, they were garbed in life vests and crowned with an official Cal Trans helmet.

On this tour I brought along my LC-A+ and Holga. The film in the LC-A+ was expired film that I had left outside for over a week during the rainy season and I was sure to let it dry for a couple of extra days in the sun. By exposing expired film to heat in a mild San Francisco climate, I was able to get some interesting color shifts in the negative.

If you’re not feeling up to the tourist thing by taking a tour of the bridge, there are always a couple of other options. Both Treasure Island and Oakland offer some decent views of the bridge, however they don’t compare to the views from a boat ride. The image below was taken in Oakland and is only one of the several massive cranes that have played a significant role in constructing the new bridge.

My one suggestion is to bring a wide angle lens…especially if you’re on a tour with multiple friends and family. It’s one of those lifetime experiences you won’t regret that you’ll be able to redundantly tell your grandkids someday.

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