My 2012 in Analogue: 12 Photos for 12 Months

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Here you can see some of my preferred photos (one per month) that I choose between my pictures taken in black and white this year. Stay tuned and enjoy!

In this album, I want to resume one year of photos in black and white, taken with different cameras in my city, Como, and in another places that I remember with pleasure where I stay during my summer holidays. I choose only black and white photos because they seem to me more “timeless!”

January 2012: The “Santarella” in Como

Credits: sirio174

This is the electric power plant of an old textile industry in Como, which closed many years ago, in the 80s. This images inspire to me a sense of abandon and impotence, and remember to me an industrial era of the past. This year, the crisis was hard, and many other industries have closed. This building is a piece of industrial architecture, which is waiting for a new use.

February 2012: Walking on the lake promenade

Credits: sirio174

As I wrote in a previous article, the lake promenade of Como is closed from many years due to an unsuccessful project of anti-flood barrier. These works devastated most of the banks of the lake promenade. For many years the local newspapers have minimized the truth about this disaster.

March 2012: “The ball is not round”

Credits: sirio174

A famous aphorism of the great German football player and manager Sepp Herberger is: “The ball is round.” This time, this is not true. The ball is not round here…this is rugby time, and this photo was taken in the half-time interval of a match of the young team of Rugby Como.

April 2012: “The Good Friday”

Credits: sirio174

An image taken with my Fed 2 camera in style “Street Photography” representing the Bishop of Como (Mons. Coletti) during the procession of the Good Friday.

May 2012: “Run Forrest, run!”

Credits: sirio174

A photo taken during the school youth championships of athletics in Cantù, 5 km from my city, Como. I like the image of the boy who is flying towards the finish line with both feet off the ground!

June 2012: “Barefoot in the Simplon Park”

Credits: sirio174

Summertime! My preferred season! It’s a joy to walk barefoot in the Simplon Park in Milan with my trusty Holga camera, playing with other friends in the grass in complete freedom, throwing away socks and shoes, enjoying the pleasure of treading the fresh grass with the soles of my feet!

July 2012: “From Torno to Moltrasio”

Credits: sirio174

The traditional open water swimming event in my lake, a not competitive event organized for charity. Here the arrival of two swimmers.

August 2012: “Diving in the river”

Credits: sirio174

Stein am Rhein, Switzerland. This photo was taken during my bicycle tour around the Bodensee lake. This gracious small town has a wonderful bridge, great for diving from an height of 7 meters! It is a joy to make a dip into the Rhein river water after a very hot day riding my bicycle! Thanks to this boys for the permission to take a photo of his dip!

September 2012: “Rocks and mountains”

Credits: sirio174

A photo taken in the botanical garden of Villa Melzi in Bellagio (the “Pearl” of the Como lake) during the first days of this autumn. I love the good deep of field obtained (foreground and background are in focus), and the great sharpness of the lens of my Canonet QL17 GIII camera.

October 2012: “A dip towards eternity”

Credits: sirio174

Milan, Monumental Cemetery. This photos was taken during the Halloween workshop organized by LGS Milan. Here lies a 16-year-old girl, an Italian swimming champion, who died in 1964 in a crash plane. She is portrayed in this sculpture while she is performing her last dip, towards eternity. God bless her.

November 2012: “Dead leaf”

Credits: sirio174

Como, detail of an abandoned industry. Dead leaf, and dead industries. The end of an era.

December 2012: “Carousel or Theatre?”

Credits: sirio174

Every year, during the Christmas holidays, Piazza Volta in Como hosts a beautiful Venetian carousel. This year my city is plenty of choice for the free time, because it is also the two-hundredth anniversary of the Teatro Sociale. Do you prefer the carousel or the theater?

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