Lomo Amigo Latoya and her love for the Lomo LC-A

Everyone can take pictures. You just have to grab a camera and shoot! That’s what Latoya van der Meeren, our latest Lomo Amigo thinks. Want to know what she has to say beyond that? Go ahead and read the interview!

Picture by Latoya

Name - Latoya van der Meeren
City - Amsterdam
Country – Nederland

Please enluighten the community. Who are you and what do you do to put food on the table?
My name is Latoya and for about 3 years I’ve been a photographer. It all started by grabbing some random images and putting them together so I could unwind a bit. I started to realise that it really worked and that’s when I started making films for Habbekrats.

Have you been a Lomographer for long (or is it all new to you)? 
The first time I bumped into Lomography was about 2,5 years ago when I used the Lomo LC-A my boyfriend owned. I instantly fell for the camera since it’s so easy and cute. Compared to the SLR’s I’m used to it’s also very simple. Almost all of my pictures come out great with the Lomo LC-A.

Pictures by Latoya

What is the story behind your Lomo LC-A?
It’s a pretty cool story. That first Lomo LC-A belonged to my boyfriend. He went exit though and so did the camera. Thankfully I got an assignment in which I talked to creative director Al Moseley of 180 Amsterdam. We also talked about Lomo and he actually had one at home that was gathering dust!

Can you describe the Lomo LC-A in 5 words?
Polite, playful, loving, black and tough.

What did people around you think of the camera and the pictures?
My friends are used to me always carrying a camera. And That I never act things out for the camera. I usually just shoot and it ends up in awesome pictures. I sometimes see them pop up as profile pictures on facebook, that really makes me a bit proud.

So, fried eggs and peanut butter in a caravan… What’s that all about?!
I organised a roadtrip to France. It was supposed to be a week but ended up being 5 days, then 3 and eventually we stayed 2 nights. Not in France either but at Camping Lievelinge
in the Netherlands. It’s the best camground in the whole world. They have Romani caravans, Indian tipi’s and treehouses! We went with about 10 hippies and had a great time there dancing around the fire naked and having a lot of fun.

Pictures by Latoya

What was the most awesome moment whilst you where taking photo’s?
Difficult question. It’s always awesome! Obne of the coolest things was in Berlin where we had 40 models. It reminds me of summer and happines.

Pictures by Latoya

What would you like to document in pictures?
I’d love to ride down the Route 66 with my friends. The LC-A has to come along for that.

What is your advice for future Lomo LC-A owners?
Just do it! That’s the only advice really worth something. When people go to museums I sometimes hear them say ‘my daughter could make that’. I usually think ‘then why doesn’t she?’
Lots of my friends claim to be unable to take good pictures. I dare them with the LC-A. Everyone can take pictures with it!

For this article Latoya selected her favorite images:

Pictures by Latoya

Lomo Amigo Latoya is a huge fan of the Lomo LC-A. – the one and only snapshot camera that started it all in 1992. Want to get your paws on this great camera? Check the Lomo LC-A in our online shop!

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