Lomography Recap: July 2012


We’re on a roll as we go along the events and photos of 2012 in this series of editorial recap! This time, we’re looking back at the top moments for the month of July.

Top Photos of July 2012

Oh my, July! The first month of the second half of the year. Summer time for the folks up north. And while this may mean that some people are off catching the sun on the beach, the rest of us are busy admiring these great shots! Below are the hot photo picks of the month.

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July held a smorgasbord of scoops that were truly exciting and fun. We giggled at the tacky photo pasts of well-known celebrities, licked our lips at these fruity fresh cameras, and gaped at the marvellous and absolutely HUGE LomoWall in the Museum of London!

It was also about the masters as we admired these gorgeous multiple exposures by famous photographers, and cheered for the analogue advocates we found in directors Woody Allen and Christopher Nolan (and not to mention in friendly neighborhood superheroes too!)

(Plus, have you seen the process of photoshop-baking a cookie caught in stop motion?)

As the month closed, we prepped you guys up with the fun Lomography Analogue Marathon. But if you’re looking for something much closer to home, July saw the launch of the fierce Lomography Color Tiger 200 110 film followed by the colourful bite-sized wonder that is the Fisheye Eye Baby Bauhaus Edition!


Over at the Lifestyle section, we had to re-learn the alphabet, and watch the quirky-cool movie, Moonrise Kingdom (but not before we finished idolizing Jeff Bridges — and for a good reason too!).

We’ve also looked into the curious connection between being a gamer and a street photographer, and observed just how the Japanese rrrrrrrroll. Let’s not forget that collection of super-psychedelic infrared photos from the community!

Finally, we put the analogue back in analogue, embraced the analogue addict inside of us, and just learned to be comfortable in our own skin.


This month’s reviews celebrated the crafts of the Soviet Era with the spotilight on the BeLOMO Vesna, Zenit E, Kiev 4, and the more recent Horizon Perfekt, to name a few. We also featured guides for the pocket Kodak Teel-Instamatic 608 and the fierce Diana Mini Leopard.

Not one to ignore, we also had a fair share of film reviews like this photo experience with the Fuji Velvia 50, and a 14-year-old(!) roll of Kodak Ektachome Elite II. We also polled the Top 10 Favorite Films of the community.


Who doesn’t want a bit of color on their photos eh? But judging from the tipster submissions for July, some people are just can’t get enough of color. From DIY-ing color filters (or rainbow polka-dotted ones, if that’s your thing) to 'destroying' them, you can take your pick.You might also want to check out this tip in making and faking (silhouette doubles and the summer season, respectively).

On the other hand, this impressive guide to vintage cameras and film is a must-read, and perhaps when you’e done with it, you’ll be able to decide whether to let your cameras see another light of photography day or they’re better of serving as a gorgeous, gorgeous lamp.


Last but not the least is July’s top wanderlust wonderlist! The island-state of Singapore is a pretty popular spot — with its nostalgic architecture and diverse food choices, but we also have a close contender with Japan, San Francisco, and London for the top spot.

But if you’re not into cities and you want to getaway, come of our community members recommend Lakeshore Lighthouse in the Philippines, and Kingley Vale from the UK.

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