Let's Play Sardines! A Sneek Preview!


Last month Lomography UK announced a new exhibition due to take place in January 2013. We have asked UK’s leading designers, illustrators and creative types to customise the La Sardina DIY and they are starting to arrive back and fill up the desk space in our office. So here is an exclusive little peek into some of the fantastic designs.

Photo:The Broken Hearts

Back in October we sent out a bunch of La Sardina DIY cameras to these lovely folk:

Marcus Oakley

It’s now December and they are all starting to arrive back in our office. We are too excited to keep it from you, so here is a sneek preview into some of the designs.

Kirsty Mitchell
Felt Mistress

The Let’s Play Sardinas exhibition is due to run from Jan – March and will be show in all three of our Lomography Gallery Stores, so pencil it in your diary and we’ll see you next year.


If you’ve customised your own camera and want to share it why not tweet us the picture with #letsplaysardines included. We’d love to see your creations!

Can’t wait to start pimping your own La Sardina DIY, then order it now from the online shop! Mix and blend some artistic talent and customize it to your own taste. The changeable fronts and the ink permeable material gives you all the freedom you need. Let your fantasy go wild on the La Sardina DIY!

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