All I Want for Christmas

2012-12-12 1

Dear Santa, This year you can keep my two front teeth, because all I want for X-mas this year is the Lomo LC-Wide.

I shoot a lot of punk, garage and underground hiphop shows. I spend a ton of time stuck in crowded, sweaty moshpits getting buffeted by spastic punks as we all party far into the night. Most of these shows take place in nasty, damp dark basements, gyms, or decrepit legion halls. I’m often stuck within inches of the bands, ears ringing, trying to stay on my feet just to get awesome shots of my favorite bands.

In the years I’ve been doing this I’ve learned that there is a select group of tools that make for the best shots of of a band freaking out.

The first is a sturdy yet light camera that can handle getting bashed around without flaking out on me. A wide angle is also a must, the wider the better (without going into full blown fisheye territory). A wide lens will distort features slightly so that the emotions and actions of the musicians is exaggerated, giving a heightened sense of movement to the picture. And finally, a hot shoe so that I can use a flash for those dark basement shows.

So, Santa, can you see what I need? The perfect tool in your analogue bag of tricks?

You see, Santa, the tool that fits this need is the Lomo LC-Wide. Hot shoe? Check. Wide angle Lens? Check. Light? Check.

All this poor punk wants this Christmas is the Lomo LC Wide.

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