Festa de 20 Anos da Lomography @Gallery Store Rio de Janeiro - RECAP


Check out what happened at Lomography’s 20 years party that rocked Copacabana

Since our Opening party we haven’t had such an agitated and funny event! There aren’t any official numbers but the organizers say about more than 300 people, while the municipal guard ensures that there was about 200 Lomographers present in the event to celebrate Lomography’s 20th year!

Regardless of numbers, the coolest was to gather the most active members of the community, and also friends of friends, professional gatecrashers, tourists, pimps, and even a Paulista! All received with open arms, as traditional Rio’s rules.

No attractions were missing, from the beats of frantic Dj Acaro and DJ Gabriel OA’s playing the best of the 90s, passing through the bar generously managed by the sympatic and lovely Gabriel, the awards of the Rally, besides the abundant distribution of pretzels, peanuts, and jujube. All this without forgetting the unforgettable Diana Cake which has won the title of cake-shaped camera quickly devoured the world. Thankfully we have photos!!

Those who visited the shop the day later to find lost objects or to see if there was beer left could verify the effectiveness of our cleaning team that came here to leave everything clean. Let’s get a picture of the Super should Dona Grace!

Pictures of: Mabbom

Certainly this event will go down in the history of Lomography in Brazil. If you did not come, stay tuned because other parties will come! If you want to know how the other events that were rolled here were, visit our Youtube

Bring on the next 20 years, after all THE FUTURE IS ANALOG!

Collaborated with photos for this post: Kariane Bridges, Marcos Ribeiro and Mabbom.

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written by lgs_rio on 2012-12-08 #news #party-20-years-recap #event
translated by kaku

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