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2012-12-26 2

2012 was a fruitful analogue year for me. I have purchased the cameras that I have focused on purchasing and then some. Although I failed to purchase another one which I was saving up with my piggies, nonetheless I’m satisfied with my so-called “Purchases of the Year.”

At the start of the year, I have palced my eyes on two cameras that I really wanted to purchase. I was looking at the Minox 35GL and the Polaroid 220 Landcamera, which was being sold by local on-line sellers. I first try to get hold of the landcam but the price it being sold for was quite stiff. When suddenly, a friend offered to sell his extra landcam, for me not to be scammed by the seller. So, with his reasonable price, I got hold of 1 of 2 dream cameras for the year. Next was the Minox 35GL, a legendary spy camera and a rare one in this part of the world. Our local on-line seller was able to give me a bargain for the 35GL. When I came to meet him to get the camera, he offered me another camera, a Lubitel 2. He’ll give both cameras if I want and let me pay for the Lubitel in installments. So, I got them both. It was just the middle of the year and I have pretty much fulfilled what I have dream of purchasing for the year.

Here are some photos using my purchases of the year:

Polaroid Landca 220 x Minox 35GL x Lubitel 2

Of course, my year wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get to purchase stuff from the Lomography Online Shop. I have saved at least 200 piggies by the time October came. But because of my busy schedule with work and some personal stuff, I lost track of the expiration date of my Piggies. I was hoping then to purchase the newly released Belair camera. Sad to say, all my piggies expired and all hopes of getting the Belair, well, just faded away. It’s turning out to be quite a sad ending to a year that started out great. But the thing about it is, I already have 40 Piggies now, so hopefully I could still save enough Piggies before the year ends. With that, I could still end the year with a smile.

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  1. grazie
    grazie ·

    Happy New Year @boobert ! lomo lomo click click!!!

  2. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Piggie expiry is so rubbish :-(

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