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Lomography Gallery Store Chicago is doing a film swap with the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore! Wondering what a film swap is? Know what a film swap is but want more specific instructions on how to do it? Let us tell you!

by rwins

We’re so excited to do a film swap with our friends over in Singapore! We’re looking for fellow Lomographers to join us! Here are some basics:

by dakadev_pui

What is a film swap? Good question! A film swap is when one person shoots an entire roll of film, winds it back into the canister, and sends it off to another person to shoot. The results are radical and surprising double exposures!

How can I take part in the film swap? Come by the store and grab a roll of film from us, shoot it in an LCA+, La Sardina or any camera that will shoot normal landscape photos, wind it back into the cartridge and bring it back to us and we’ll send it along to Singapore for someone there to shoot it. Just be sure to bring your film back to the store by December 20th.

What will happen to my film? Someone in Singapore will shoot over the roll of film that you shot!

What’s that going to look like? AWESOME! The end result of a film swap is an entire roll of double exposures, from two different places!

by doubleswithvicuna

Got any tips on how to best shoot a roll for a film swap? Duh! Here are a few basics:

1. Make sure you start your roll of film on the first sprocket hole. This will ensure that the images line up and are properly double exposed.

2. Shoot a low ISO film. Nothing over 400 ISO. Color negative films seem to work best.

3. Make sure you aren’t over exposing your film, if anything underexpose a little bit. Remember, the roll is going to be shot twice so you don’t want the entire thing over exposed!

4. Think about what you’re shooting and how it will look with another picture over it. Foliage, trees, and textures work well for double exposures as well as close up portraits and anything that might have a black background like a neon sign, fireworks, etc.

5. Have fun shooting pictures!

6. When you’re done with your roll and are winding it back up, try to leave the little tab (called the leader) out of the roll so the next person can load the film in their camera. If you accidentally wind it back into the canister, it’s okay -we’ll help you fish it out!

7. Bring the roll you shot to the Lomography Gallery Store Chicago when you’re done shooting it! We’ll send it off to Singapore to be shot again! Be sure to bring your film by the store by December 20th.

by dakadev_pui

Pretty easy huh? Looking for some inspiration? Take a peek at this the results that came up when we searched for “film swap” on here.

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  1. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Warmest greetings from Singapore.

  2. quietedheart
    quietedheart ·

    Gonna participate! We (from Singapore) would have to submit our films too right? By when?

  3. fidainc
    fidainc ·

    I've submitted mine... can't wait to swap!

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