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Are you still pondering how to wrap all the Christmas parcels for your loved ones? You want them to look personal and unique, but your wallet is a yawning void? Don’t grow desperate – here are some DIY ideas for you!

Want to know how you can make your parcel look like this?

It’s simple – all you need are brushes, kraft paper in whichever size you want and all your favourite acrylic colours!

Make sure to cover your workspace neatly, for example in old newspaper sheets, and to secure the kraft paper at the edges.
Then take up your favourite colour with a paintbrush and start splashing and splattering it all over the paper sheet! If the colour is too viscous, you may need to add some water.

Here’s my result:

If you want to make it look “christmassier”, use only colours like red, white or gold. I prefer the colourful version though.

By the way, tell me what you think about this little fella as a decoration for flower pots:

It’s made from a wooden cooking spoon. I simply painted it brown, cut out the antlers, ears and mouth from paper and stuck it onto the spoon, together with a red bead as a nose and goggly eyes. The scarf is made from gift ribbon.

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  1. t-rav
    t-rav ·

    I love it, Homemade abstract expressionist wrapping paper. Very Jackson Pollock and very cool.

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