Diana Takes Diana+ to Chicago


Last time, photographer Diana Mulvihill took the Diana+ on her trip to Egypt and came back with amazing photos. This time, she takes us with her to hometown which is the Windy City known as Chicago. Read her travel photojournal below.

Diana Mulvihill writes:

Try to guess what the last 4 letters of this sign are, after ‘CHI’? You get three guesses.

Hi there, Lomographers and other assorted readers! I’ve been traveling a lot for work, so thought I’d take a break from California and bring you some photos from my hometown of Chicago.

There is nothing like going back to the place you’re from – Dorothy was pretty right on when she said ‘There’s no place like home.’ Although I would probably take a trip to Oz over a trip to Chicago . . . to the neighborhood of Oz with the yellow brick road, lollipops, singing and dancing. Not the neighborhood with the mean flying monkeys. Excluding Oz and India, Chicago might be my favorite place in the world. It’s home. I was there for my dad’s birthday, and stayed a while to meet with some art buyers at various ad agencies. Everyone there was so cool and kind, it was a really wonderful trip. So without further ado, here are some images and stories from the city that made me:

Here is a photo of the touch down in Chicago. The Diana camera went crazy with this shot, you can even see the outline of the frame number ,‘5’, on the film. It’s got a very antiquated feel, I like it.

Downtown Chicago in all of its glory! This was some sort of government building on Michigan Avenue, with a lot of flags blowing in the wind. Or maybe it wasn’t a government building. But either way, as we can see, there were flags.

This girl was at the bus stop outside the Art Institute, telling passersby ‘I’ll sing if you give me money’. I told her I’d give her $2 if she would sing and let me take her photo. I’ve never been so amazed, she was about 12-years-old and had the most amazing singing voice. People just stopped on the sidewalk, probably as shocked as me that she was so young and so good. She would win American Idol, no problem. Her bus came and she ran to get on it before I could ask her name.

This is my dad. He is not only my dad, but also a part-time cowboy – he goes dancing every Sunday night. Here he is in his dancing outfit, ready for some Johnny Cash.

Here is a photo of me. I don’t exactly look like this. It’s distorted because it was taken in the rounded corner of the giant kidney bean. If you’re not familiar with the giant kidney bean in Chicago, you can learn about it here. It’s actually called Cloud Gate, which is a much more beautiful name for it. I think people would call it that more often if it were shaped like a cloud instead of a giant kidney bean.

And one last gratuitously beautiful photo from a gratuitously beautiful city. Until next time, Chicago. I miss you already.

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