Lomography Recap: February 2012

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Moving on to the next installment of Lomography’s year-ender recap articles, we hope you can still join us in this trip down memory lane and look back at the photos, events, and important milestones that made our 2012 momentous. If you’re ready, let’s continue with February!

Top Photos of February 2012

While we have a running series of most popular photos uploaded each month, we know you want to see more of those breath-taking skies, interesting people, dreamy landscapes, and many other fascinating scenes. Therefore, allow us to present you a more complete gallery of February 2012’s most popular photos below:

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Lomography’s Newsmakers

February came in bringing lots of interesting photography-related news, like the lomographer's dream car, Kodak's good news that it will keep film alive, a rare Diana F+ clone on the spotlight of Hypebeast's 'Essentials', and a stop-motion video featuring Lego and graffiti.

But, not only that—we also had some surprises up our sleeves for you! We teased you a bit with a mystery footage from the Lomography HQ, but we couldn’t keep it for long and unveiled the Spinner 360 Motorizer (along with a gallery of some sample photos) soon after! February also saw some new additions to the La Sardina family of cameras: Old West inspired Belle Starr and Coyote and Virginia is for Lovers!

Living the Analogue Lifestyle

From the photography world, we saw a cool guy in a suit on a skateboard, Ellen Rogers' haunting imagined scenes of a hospital ward in 1888 (and the story behind the idea), and a gallery inspired by the lovely ladies of Hollywood through the decades.

Since February is the month of love, we asked you to share with us your secondhand love affair — stories of your meeting and falling in love with secondhand analogue goodies. Among the most loved stories told about two Olympus cameras (OM-10 and LT-1), an old photograph found inside a suitcase, and even those neat thrift store finds that make a home extra cozy!

Oh, by the way, if you’ve ever felt a strange connection with a Lomography camera, maybe our Lomography Guide to the Zodiac holds the answer! Earlier in February, we found out which Lomography camera perfectly matches which zodiac sign, and charted them out for you!


The Reviews section is your go-to section for learning about all the various cameras, films, and accessories out there, and for February, we had many helpful reviews on Lomography goodies such as the Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day, the LomoKino, and La Sardina. The section also saw some reviews of other analogue cameras ranging from the modern Nikon F80, the beautiful Hasselblad 500C/M, the delightful wide-angled pinhole Holga 120 WPC camera, to the classic folder Zeiss Ikon Nettar, and even neat finds like the Windsor, an early version of the Diana camera!

As for films, we saw reviews on color negative films such as Fuji Superia 1600 and Kodak Portra 160 NC (35mm), slide films such as Kodak Elitechrome Extra Colour EBX 100 and Fujichrome T64, and black and white films such as Ilford Delta Pro 3200 and Kodak Tmax 400.


February also brought in many noteworthy tips and tricks, such as the interesting step by step guide for making anthotypes (prints using plants), a clever one showing how you can use a holey hat to shoot bokeh, and practical ones for protecting film from x-ray when you travel, shooting 35mm film with the Diana F+ and making the most out of bulb setting.

Tipsters of the crafty, DIY kind were also plenty, which showed us how to make stylish bookmarks using 35mm film strips, amplifiers using plastic film canisters, heart-shaped film masks, and candle holders jazzed up with film negatives.


Our traveling lomographers wowed us again with their beautiful travel photos and stories for February, taking us to interesting spots such as the lost city of Machu Picchu, Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, The Bund in Shanghai, China, Beijing, China, and Rome, Italy (albeit from many years past).

How about you, can you recall any of your milestones from February 2012? Why don’t you tell us about them with a comment below, or better yet, submit an article about your 2012 in analogue!

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