LomoAmigo: Mehmet Turgut


Photographer like his father and grandfather Mehmet Turgut is our new LomoAmigo. If you wanna see his photos that he took with his La Sardina and read our nice talk keep reading

Name: Mehmet Turgut
Country: Türkey
Occupation: Photographer

What can you tell us about yourself?
I am a Photographer!

How do you like analogue photography?
I was in dark room for 9 years and developing and printing photos. I cant say it was fun in that years but now it is like going to a antique shop and buying an old photograph.

How was playing with La Sardina after digital cameras?
It was like a dream about my chilhood days

Do you use any other analogue objects (notebook, LPs, etc)?
I have a dark room, enlargers, an LP player and LPs. And now I have Lomo cameras.

How do you describe Lomography?
Couple years ago after my father had came back from a fair in Germany he told me “a company has colorful cameras which change the pictures”. It was the first impression for me about Lomography

Which is your favorite shot with La Sardina?
I guess the one when Deniz Akkaya trying to calm her daughter down when she is crying. And also my self-portrait and my cats’ photos.

Any new projects?
I will have a book called “30” which’s editor is Yekta Kopan and I am thinking about a photography workshop in 2013.

Where do you want to be and what would you like to do now?
I am always in where I want to be and and doing what I want to do!

written by erayalan on 2013-02-08 #people #lomography #lomoamigo #mehmet-turgut
translated by erayalan

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