Ilford Unveils Two New B&W Disposable Cameras

2012-12-05 9

Have you heard? Ilford has just released two new B&W disposable cameras! Can I get an “Oh yeah!”?

This past year’s been tough on the film photography industry with companies and film variants discontinuing left and right.

But amidst all of this, photo company "Ilford launched two new disposable black and white cameras early this week. Here’s what the have to say about the Ilford XP2 Super and the Ilford HP5 Plus Single Use Cameras:

Photo via PetaPixel

The ILFORD XP2 Super Single Use Camera gives the convenience of being able to have the film processed […] using C41 colour negative systems […] These can either be close-to-neutral black and white prints, or colour toned monochrome prints, and are ideal for deciding which negatives to print on black and white paper.

The ILFORD HP5 Plus Single Use Camera is intended for processing at locations with standard black and white film processing and printing chemistry, resulting in true, real black and white prints that have a unique look as the images are made from silver.

Both cameras contain about 27 shots at 400 ISO and retail price would fall around £8.99.

All information for this article was taken from the Ilford Press Room.

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    Hope retailers pick this up in US and Canada :)

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    Awesome, can't wait to try them out.

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    Perfect for weddings. ^^

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    Amazing, need to try both. :)

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    BTW Lomography, start selling these ;)

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    Agreed with Anttmaki !

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