Anerly Fang Shoots With The Lomo LC-Wide and Fisheye Baby 110!


She’s bubbly and fun! She’s someone who is superb and indulges in fashion, love, and life. She’s Anerly Fang, an adorable blogger from Penang Island, Malaysia.

Photo by anerlyfang

Tell us about yourself. What are your interests?

I enjoy blogging, snapping photos and sharing everything I like to my readers. I believe a good photograph is important when it comes to bringing the story alive in a blog. Therefore I enjoy taking creative photographs and that’s how I began with analogue cameras too.

Describe the LC-Wide in five words.

I think LC-Wide is a awesome, vintage, cool, easy to use, and able to create creative photos.

How did you like shooting with the LC-Wide?

I like it cause it’s a wide angle lens camera, so that I could snap big landscapes in just one snap! Moreover, I love using the multiple exposures mode that could create awesomely creative photos unexpectedly!

Kindly share with us your most loved photo taken by LC-Wide.

Seriously, I love this the most!! Not because of the man inside the photo but the layers in there. He looks like semitransparent!

Photo by anerlyfang taken with LC-Wide

Where do you usually go to, to get your inspiration?

I do research on the internet. Reading and viewing other people’s reviews or photographs make me able to gain some inspiration as well. Sometimes, going out to have a walk helps a lot too.

Photo by anerlyfang taken with LC-Wide

Describe the Fisheye Baby 110 in five words.

I think it’s cute, fun, portable, colorful, and like a toy!

How did you like shooting with the Fisheye Baby?

Because of its petite and attractive outlook, it makes me fall in love with it! I bring it out wherever I go as I doesn’t wish to miss the moment I wanted to capture.

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had with it?

I remember the reaction of my friends when I took out the Fisheye Baby from my bag, everyone was like staring at the camera. They thought it was a toy! Haha!

Your advice to future Fisheye Baby users.

Bring it everywhere you go! Snap everything you see and don’t forget to prepare few extra rolls of films too cause you might fall madly in love with the baby once you touch it :D

Photo by anerlyfang taken with Fisheye Baby 110

What’s your favourite analogue camera to shoot with? Why?

I love Fisheye Baby the most. Other than the wide angle and the photo is round in shape, I love it because is very easy to use :)

What’s the next camera you’d like to get your hands on?

I wanna buy La Sardina!

Your advice to future Lomographers.

Just follow your feeling, keep calm and snap on! You’ll found that is really fun!

Thank you for you time, Anerly! Let’s get to know her more by visiting her blog today!

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