Lomography Recap: January 2012

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Starting today, we’ll be taking you to a trip down Lomography’s memory lane to find out which photos, events, and important milestones made our 2012 momentous. If you’re ready, let’s start with January!

Top Photos of January 2012

We obviously started the year with lots of wow-worthy photos uploaded by you guys! While we have a running series of most popular photos uploaded each month, we know you want to see more of those breath-taking skies, interesting people, dreamy landscapes, and many other fascinating scenes. Therefore, allow us to present you a more complete gallery of January 2012’s most popular photos below:

Credits: grazie, lazybuddha, ryszardl70, itisanormalname, warning, hervinsyah, kneehigh85, k_melancholy, shoujoai, elvismartinezsmith, cc-in-paris, bravebird, weidong, neja, antibiotyx, vici, hodachrome, albeelee, modern_nmt, blue-0610, sobetion, frauspatzi, vicuna, susielomovitz & mephisto19

Lomography’s Newsmakers

The start of the year wow-ed us with a multitude of awesome photography-related news, such as Jeff Harris' 13 years of self-portraits, famous black and white photos colorized, an extra large format camera, and Philippe Ramette's gravity-defying photographs. Everyone also liked some amazing stuff from all over the web, such as a marriage proposal using stop motion animation with Lego and two Toronto teens who sent a Lego cosmonaut to outer Space!

January also saw the release of some exciting products from Lomography, such as the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder (as a follow-up to the release of the LomoKino a few months prior) and the eye-catching Valentine's Edition Cameras.

Living the Analogue Lifestyle

The Analogue Lifestyle section is without a doubt a treasure trove of all things interesting and inspiring for living life in analogue flavor, and we all saw a lot of them as we eased our way into the first month of 2012. From the art world, we marveled at the plastic fantastic Barbie going classic, the amazing 3D goldfish paintings of Riusuke Fukahori, and Sagaki Keita's doodles of classical art, to name a few. From the photography world, we were inspired by lessons from photography master Henri Cartier-Bresson, Photohoku's mission to rebuild memories in quake-shaken Japan, and Moni's dreamy photographs. We saw that you also loved watching five of the best LomoKino Smart Phone Holder movies and seeing Michael Caine lifting Natalie Wood with one hand and holding a cigarette in the other!


Everyone likes learning about all the various cameras, films, and accessories out there, so the Reviews section is always worth checking out every now and then. We all saw some insightful reviews on coveted goodies like the Fuji Natura Classica, Fuji Superia 1600 35mm, and Horizon Kompakt and others from the “rare” side of the analogue world like Fuji 64T Type II tungsten film, expired Kodacolor VR 1000, Vredeborch Felica, and medium format folding cameras!


It was just the start of the year and yet, the Tipster section was already brimming with many bold and bright tips and tutorials for all of us to try throughout the year! We found out how to make our photos interesting using saran wrap, typography, and 120 film backing for shooting 35mm with medium format cameras, just to name a few. More in-depth ones like mimicking Henri Cartier-Bresson, tips for taking firework photos, and framing your images were also well-received. Since January also saw the launch of the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder, we also showed everyone how to use it!


Last but not the least, the travelers in all of us were curious about where our fellow analogue travelers headed to during the first few days of 2012 (or even the last few days of 2011), and boy, you took us to many beautiful spots with your photos and stories: New York City, Dresden, Paris, Singapore, and Basel, just to name a few!

How about you, can you recall any of your milestones from January 2012? Why don’t you tell us about them with a comment below, or better yet, submit an article about your 2012 in analogue!

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