Belair X 6-12 Photos: My Top Picks


The Belair X 6-12 developments are piling in and are as vibrant as ever. I couldn’t help but flip through all of them this morning. Some in particular are such gems, and I wanted to share them with you, detailing why I find them so amazing as I find the “like” button oftentimes doesn’t encompass exactly how I feel towards the photo in question…

Taken by philippe_machado

This shot really exemplifies the 6×12 format which is the signature of the Belair X 6-12. The composition places emphasis on the horizontal lines (such as the line made by the cusp of the beach), while also showing a body builder in action doing a vertical pull-up. Both horizontal and vertical visual movements are masterfully captured here.

Taken by satomi

While Satomi is famous for taking breathtaking portraits of beautiful people, I particularly love this shot because it really shows an understanding of the 6×6 square format. The composition emphasizes the rectangular door with a pair of legs protruding out of the mailbox. It plays with certain rigidness of the frame, but at the same time manages to break away from it.

Taken by satomi

Like I said, Satomi takes great portraits. Here’s a fine example of a portrait that uses hard lighting to paint the profile of the model. The light gracefully falls on the subject’s face, blacking out most of the background, forcing your focus onto the subject.

Taken by earlybird

This is a fine example of a double exposure shot. I am not a big fan of multiple exposure, but this photo understands the 6×12 format, placing its subject in the center while juxtaposing the surrounding landscape around the subject. The result is picturesque photo that emulates the Gothic tradition.

Taken by ccwu

I like ccwu’s shot for its simplicity, which is oftentimes the hardest thing to achieve. A fine 6×9 portrait of a super cute girl (very lucky guy by the way) with just the right amount of depth of field and softness. Good job!

Well these are my top picks so far during my morning browse. What are your picks?

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