Getting the Christmas Tree with my Belair X 6-12


I went out looking around the Portland area for the family Christmas tree with the first roll of film in my new Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter

Oregon is one of the largest suppliers of Christmas trees in the world. Not first, but I think second or 3rd. I’ve been asked to try out the newest camera creation from the people over at Lomography and decided I’d start by searching for the annual Christmas tree.

In Oregon we can go out and cut our own or buy from one of the many tree lots that dot our towns and cities in November and December. I prefer to go out and search for one and cut it because it’s fresh. The needles won’t drop off in a week.

About the camera: It uses 120 film and has three formats: 6×6, 6×9 and 6×12. It even uses batteries which allows it to have an auto exposure mode. In my Holgas I usually use 400 speed film, but with this camera the manual suggests 100 speed. I was skeptical but thought it would be a good way to see if the ‘auto’ exposure works. The Willamette Valley, where I live, has many overcast days so this would be a good test.

After looking at my first results I realize that the focusing might be an issue. It uses the zone focusing system so you really have to know how far away you are from your subject. Maybe next time I will use my tripod and see if I get a better result. However, these photos have that soft Lomo-look. I do like the retro look of the camera with its folding bellows and brown leather. It comes with two lenses, a 58 and  a 90-mm. I used the 58mm lens and Kodak Ektar 100 film with these tree lot photos.

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