Luxurious Lubitel+ Workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store London

Luxurious Lubitel+ 7th November 09 @ 1pm (only five spaces!)
You’ve been desperate to try out the lubitel+ for a while haven’t you?! Now you can!

7th November 09 @ 1pm (only five spaces!)

At Lomography we like to shoot quick and fast but the Lubitel+ needs time and dedication. We’re offering the chance to take a Lubitel+ for a long test drive of shooting from waist level!
Only five spaces for this up-close-and-personal workshop with the Lubitel+
You will be able to borrow a Lubitel+ all to yourself for a few hours and get to know it extremely well.

There are only five places available, tickets are £20 and include 3 rolls of medium format 1 roll of 35mm


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