La Sardina DIY in the German Instyle Magazine


The latest issue of Instyle spotlights the trend ‘Do it yoruself’ and that’s the reason why our cute La Sardina can be found in there…

DIY is everywhere and is seemingly unstoppable – thousands of new ideas, tips and tricks are launched daily; so anyone can transform the concept depending on his own preferences. Due to that, the La Sardina DIY is the perfect gift for Christmas, that make every photographer go crazy for DIY.

Combined with the technical details, our initially plain white gem is presented in a red-blue smile-style. Instlye warmingly recommends the camera to its readers with the line ‘Yes we can’.
We’re happy, Instyle inspires their audience to decorate their own camera that always looks great with your outfit!

Itching to create your own camera masterpiece? The La Sardina & Flash DIY Edition is just what you need! Write on it, draw, paint or glue something on it—this wide-angle wonder will let your imagination run free! Get your own La Sardina DIY Edition!

written by vja on 2012-12-13 #news #magazine #analogue-photography #lomography #analogue-cameras #instyle #la-sardina-diy
translated by wolkers

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