Lomography in c't Digital Photography Magazine


The January issue of c’t Digital Photography presents the ‘Lomographic Lifestyle’.

Isn’t it fantastic that the digital photography magazine published a special edition under the title ‘New love for analogue’. Besides a couple of articles about passion, rediscovery, origin, and the 101 of analogue basics, we Lomographers are mentioned as well!

Rule #1 ‘Take your camera everywhere you go’ is the common theme of the article reporting about the beginnings of LSI and the character and charm of our cameras and films. Basically a fundamental know-how is presented to the reader. The main focus is put on crossed slide films and our latest invention, the Belair X 6-12.

We think it’s amazing! A magazine concentrating on digital photography reports widely about analogue photography and co-existence of analogue and digital nowadays!

written by vja on 2012-12-14 #news #digital #lomography #cross-process #belair #digital-photography #digitale-fotografie #ct-magazin
translated by wolkers

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