20 Festive Color Negative Photos

2012-12-18 3

Since we’re now in the season of merriment, we thought of sharing with you some festive-looking photos taken using various Lomography cameras and films. Today, we bring you some cheerful snaps taken using the Lomography color negative films!

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This season of Yuletide cheer is full of all things fun, merry, and bright, so it’s not surprising at all that many prefer snapping these festive scenes in color. While slide films are easily the films of choice for those looking to make their colorful subjects even more colorful, but don’t dismiss the color negatives that quick! Whether you’re shooting Christmas, festivals, parties, concerts, fireworks—anything festive, actually—consider shooting with a color negative film with the speed that is just right for your needs! Just take a look at the vibrantly colorful snapshots by our fellow lomographers!

Did we miss any of your festive color negative snaps? Share them with us with a comment below!

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