Being Naughty to Your Film to Get Nice Results!

2012-12-18 4

This year, I have taken a few more risks with my beloved films and have done lot of naughty things to them to see how far they can be pushed! Read more about my experiments after the jump!

So, this is my second year of being a Lomographer and I had heard all about the film destroy experiments of others and decided to try them myself! I think it is now a fact that mistreating your film can result in some of the best images!

First up, we have the naughty film destroyer: Lemon juice! In short, I soaked it in hot lemon juice for a while and dried it up on my windowsill until I almost forgot about it. The full tipster is on my account. This naughty little film destroyer has resulted in probably the best shots I’ve had this year! Definitely something naughty to get something nice! But please don’t give this film into a lab without telling them…..they definitely will not be nice! Here are some of the most memorable shots.

One day I had no chemicals to develop some film, the weather was terrible and I had nothing to shoot at home. Desperate for something to do I wondered about destroying already developed negatives and tried a few naughty tricks to do this. I know some people will call me crazy but I needed something to do! On the list were bleach, salt, and my long time friend, lemon. Here are some of the results once re-scanned. I quite like the salted ones but think there was WAY too much salt in there. Will try it again someday.

Bleach experiment
Salt experiment

Hopefully, Santa will understand all of these naughty things I have done and be nice enough to bring me that La Sardina I have wanted for months! Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. carlamusa
    carlamusa ·

    When did you soaked the film in lemon juice? After or before taking the pictures?

    Thanks :}

  2. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    what exactly should one tell the lab?

  3. crevans27
    crevans27 ·

    I developed mine at home, when the chemicals were about done so i didnt ruin them for any future films! Not to sure labs would be thrilled about this!

  4. sim333
    sim333 ·

    I am a photography student doing my final major project at college and I was wondering how you achieved the results in the salt experiments?

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