20 Festive Diana F+ Photos


Since we’re now in the season of merriment, we thought of sharing with you some festive-looking photos taken using various Lomography cameras. Today, we bring you some cheerful snaps taken using the Diana F+!

A lot of people have dreamt of experiencing a magical white Christmas at least once in their life. And while there are some of us who won’t be experiencing this anytime soon, we can still carry on with the magic and the dreaming — all we need is a roll of film, our darling Diana F+, and we’re all set.

Happy Analogue Holidays!

Credits: dabai, earlybird, satomi, dogma, ccwu, shoujoai, andrejrusskovskij, mayprodrigo, triky76, niggsy1971, heavenkot, nattanwei, desibel, victor271089, nina1707, zakuson, silence0804, aerlinnielez & gavin

written by geegraphy on 2012-12-20 #lifestyle #gallery #festive #lomography #diana-f

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