20 Merry Monochrome Snaps


Since we’re now in the season of merriment, we thought of sharing with you some festive-looking photos taken using various Lomography cameras and films. Today, however, instead of showcasing some vibrantly colored lomographs typically associated with the Yuletide season, we bring you some

Credits: ryszardl70, gurkenprinz, amelia37blue, erinwoodgatesphotography, icomewhenieatcaponata, panchoballard, russheath, brommi, jackpumpkinhead, troch, squamy & chilledvondub

Who says touching and beautiful Christmas photos can’t be in glorious monochrome? Anyone who has seen a skillfully-taken black and white photo can attest as to how the absence of color forces one to focus on the drama, detail, and story present in each shot. But, that doesn’t mean that black and white photos always lean towards the serious or melodramatic side, especially when we’re talking about black and white Christmas snaps! Just take a look at the photos above by your fellow lomographers——each of them has a happy, touching, and festive story to tell!

Did we miss your merry monochrome snaps? Go ahead and share them with us with a comment below!

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