Achieving That Motion Blur Effect Using Your Horizon Camera

2012-12-12 1

The objective of this quickie tipster is to increase the possibilities of having motion blur on your Horizon shots. How? Read on!

Credits: superkulisap

When shooting moving subjects using Horizon Cameras, the direction of your subject should be from left to right. Since the lens of these Russian beauties are panning, or swinging from left to right, then the subject is most likely to appear as ‘moving’ or having ‘motion blur’ if you shoot subjects moving from left to right. You should not shoot against the direction of the lens for a more blurry shot.

Credits: superkulisap
Credits: superkulisap

Also, you can use the night mode or slow shutter setting of your Horizon Camera in broad daylight but remember to use slow films or redscale films to avoid over exposure. Steady hands are required too!

Credits: superkulisap
Credits: superkulisap

All photos above were shot using my Horizon Kompakt. Go ahead and try it with yours too!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I am saving up for one of these. Nice to read tip on this camera.

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