My 2012 in Analogue: A Never-Ending Experience!


This year is about to end and a brand new year full of lomographs is getting closer! Let’s look back at 2012 together with a quick bunch of pics some cool moments which put a mark on this passed year. It does not matter if they are nice or failed!

December has begun and Christmas is going to knock on our door. Another fantastic year full of photos is almost unfortunately over. How many memories I have! I want to remember it with some pictures of those I love best.

Here, we have some photos I took in Brussels this year with some friends:

This year, I really tested everything! Black and white, xpro, color, all this with my loyal Pentax MX and my La Sardina Sea Pride!

Here we have some more snaps, this time taken in Normandy, where I could fortunately go twice this year.

Then, during the month of August, I went with my girlfriend for a ride around Italy. She also loves Lomography. With a well-organized photo bag, some roll films, and a little fantasy we really did not need anything else!

After the good ones, the bad ones are not to be forgotten. They also have their meaning. Some out of focus, some other underexposed. But does it matter? The important thing is to have fun and put into things a little of our heart. Experimentation means even take some risk!

The coming year, 2013 is behind the corner now and I already have one thousand ideas for new pictures I can’t wait to take and share with the Lomography community!

And now it’s up to you, fellows!

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