Dreaming of a Lomo Holiday: The Lomography Apollo 11 - Sprocket Rocket

2012-12-12 2

I have longed for an paronomic camera with sprockets and style! Bring me to the Moon, Sprocket Rocket!

Although Lomography has provided tonnes of precious discounts in the past few weeks, I have still yet to placed the order for a Sprocket Rocket. Money ain’t falling from the sky, in spite of working as a part timer during my free time, being a student limits my time and expenditure to spend on Lomography. Buying a camera means working extra hours; working extra hours means lesser time to concentrate on studies. Besides, there are yet a lot more to explore with my two-month-old La Sardina before I am ready to get a new analogue camera.

In addition of the wide angle view of the camera provides, I love how the sprockets and film coding are exposed, which is so unique that could not be found from the other camera, except its twister brother Spinner 360. With it, I will have no longer have the problem to have beautiful portraits with my friends during gatherings. No more frowns or grimaces because of ‘intensive squeezing.’

Credits: bccbarbosa, bcartwright, marta1901, tcamfid & dogma

No more stepping backwards, and surrender to beautifully-scenic view.

Credits: marieta, ccwu, russheath, suizidekid, marcus_loves_film, grazie, pasqualecaprile, mephisto19 & alexandrak

While Spinner 360 is as fantastic as Sprocket Rocket, from my ‘current’ economical point of view, 18 photos from a roll of film as compared to 8 from a Spinner 360, it is much more affordable to me. Another big plus is its sleek and charming look. If Lomography were Los Angeles Lakers, he is Kobe Bryant. But I don’t mind if there is a Great Santa who is willing to shove one (or even an LC-A!) inside my Christmas Socks.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I have a SR and I love it. Hope you get your wish granted.

  2. an_lai_drew
    an_lai_drew ·

    @neanderthalis, thank you! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and New Year too! Cheers!

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