LomoAmigo Ryan Tatar Teaches How to Shoot Film


LomoAmigo Ryan Tatar is back and ready to help out newbies with the basics of shooting analogue. Having immersed himself in surfing and film photography for years, he shares what he’s learned and how he leverages that knowledge to produce good work in and out of the water.

Photos by Ryan Tatar

Maybe there’s a parallelism between surfing and shooting analogue in that both look kind of complicated at first then you’ll get the hang of it once you keep going.

LomoAmigo Ryan Tatar has some sweet advice for beginners who are just getting into film photography and he shares them in this video for Korduroy TV.

And here’s another parallelism between film and the surf: you have to wait for the decisive moment to take the plunge, whether it’s hitting the shutter or hitting the waves.

How to Shoot Film – D-I-Why Not? via Vimeo

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