Chance Meeting between Hong Kong Lomographer kaho152 & Belair X 6-12


Hong Kong Lomographer kaho152, who loves to shoot landscapes, was mesmerized by Belair X 6-12, and shot many unique photos of Hong Kong’s streets. Let’s see his Belair photos and listen to his thoughts…

Home City :Hong Kong

Photos: kaho152

1. After your first trial, how useful is the Automatic Exposure (AE) feature of Belair X 6-12?

It is very convenient!

In relation to other 120 cameras I had used before, their setup time is definitely much longer; but as Belair X 6-12 has an accurate AE function, I can compose and capture my subjects in a jiffy. It is very convenient and I feel that it is great!

2. Did the retro design of Belair cameras provide you with any inspiration when you were shooting?

Although my favorite subjects are nature related, Belair X 6-12's vintage design inspired me to shoot more cityscape and modern objects, such as the view from the streets.

Credits: kaho152

3. That’s right, your test shots are mainly focused on street shots; when shooting streets with Belair X 6 - 12, do you have any special techniques to share so that people can try out something different?

Although Belair X 6 - 12 has a large sized body, it’s AE function is as good as that of Lomo LC-A+, don’t think, just shoot。Besides streets, I feel I can develop different shooting styles and I will also Lomo on.

("kaho152": is equally good at using LC-A+, let’s take a look at his amazing photos)

Credits: kaho152

4. Which is your favorite Belair X 6-12 format? And why?

I had only used 6 × 12 this time as I felt that it is the most special: as 6 × 12 format cameras are the most expensive and have the highest specifications,the launch of Belair fills the gap for budget conscious Lomographer, being able to shoot wide angle subjects makes me feel satisfied!

5. Please share your favorite photo of the series and the story behind it.

I think the message conveyed in this photo with tattso is very interesting。

Credits: kaho152

On that day, we were trying out Belair X 6-12 ,and we met each other on the road! Meeting someone on the street, carrying out the same assignment as myself is such a rare and amazing occurrence.

Due to this reason (trying out Belair X 6-12 camera), we decided to take a photo of each other and the Belair(Editor:this is an interesting idea, here you can see tattso's shot of kaho152 ).

To me, Lomography reflects and inspires the fun and interesting parts of our life, to capture every memorable scene freely: Belair X 6-12 has an accurate AE function, coupled with the professional vintage design. Under such strong contrasts, I felt that this photo can represent another lifestyle attitude!

6. What are your future hopes and plans? Any ideas or thoughts on your next photo adventure with the Belair?

It would be great if I can bring Belair X 6-12 for some nature shots.

With its unique wide angle and panoramic format, I can take some really wide landscape shots. In Hong Kong city, there are many uncontrollable variables, such as capturing a pedestrian when pressing the shutter. I hope I can capture more serene photos in a natural environment with the Belair.

Credits: kaho152

Thank your for accepting Lomography Magazine’s interview

To see more of kaho152's test shots, please visit Album — Belair Test

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