My Analog Wishlist 2012


Like they say, it is free to dream, so I dreamed all I want. Who knows, maybe Santa also reads the Lomography Magazine!

Credits: icuresick

Dear Santa,

I may not be all that perfectly righteous this year, but I tried my best being all nice. It’s still up to you if you will give me an analog gift but if you will It would be a bit nicer if you spare me an item from my wishlist, don’t worry I only have 5 items listed on my wishlist. Haha!

Credits: icuresick

1. I may be a bit demanding for this is an expensive goody, but I will say it anyway. This Christmas, the first on my list would be the Lomograhy Horizon Perfekt. Nothing will make me happier than having this perfekt camera! No need for further explanations these sample photos are simply breath taking, and if you ever gave me one I promise to take a portrait of you with the winter wonderland on your background!

Credits: folkypaul, bloomchen & bensozia

2. The second on my list is the Lomo LC-Wide. Another premium LSI camera — I know, I know, I’m being too demanding. But just take a look at the photos taken by it — the widest of wides, the sharpest of sharps, it’s is a genius invention by lomography! If you ever got me this camera I will promise to take a wide portrait of you with your reindeers even with your elves. I’m sure that with a 17mm minigon lens, you’ll all fit just right in the frame!

Credits: trashpilotin, takutakutomika & ah_sher

3. For my third item, I want a rangefinder camera! Rangefinders are always the sexiest, don’t worry I won’t ask for a Leica. A Canonet QL 17, or a Yashica Lynx 14 would do! Canonet’s 1.7 lens is a wonder! What more of the 1.4 lens of the Yashica Lynx, how amazing is that? I can surely take your portrait like a pro!

Credits: yapfl, vicuna & deepfried_goodness

4. For my fourth wishlist item, I just want a film developing kit, so I can go full analog! A changing bag, a developing tank, a thermometer, and the chemicals needed are all you need to buy. Nothing is more satisfying than developing your own film, right?

Credits: troch

5. And if ever the first four is too much for you, you can just spare me a roll of Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film. I will promise you that I will make the best out of it! Maybe I can take a single photo of you with it—who doesn’t want to be photographed with a very special film, right? Just look at the sample photos and be blown away!

Credits: lazybuddha

Like I said, any of the 5 will be the best Christmas gift ever. But I assure you, any analog gift would do just fine. If ever you came by our house this Christmas, I will be hanging my socks by the window. Merry Christmas and thank you in advance!

Credits: scede


P.S. I almost forgot, if you want me to take your portrait, it will be my pleasure!

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