LC-A Instant Back: Lomography for the Impatient


Tired of making trips to the photo shop and waiting for your photos to be developed? Now you don’t have to with Instant Back!

I have a problem of finishing one roll of film in a short time especially when I am not feeling inspired by my surroundings. It could take me up to 6 months to use up the entire roll and by then, I would have forgotten the pictures that I had taken. To resolve this matter, I attached the Instant Back accessory that I had when I bought my LC-A+

By adding Instant Back to your LC-A, that means making changes to the way you use your LC-A camera. Don’t forget to attach the correctional lens included in the Instant Back package to your LC-A camera to refocus the image. That also results in changes in the camera focus. I also find that I had to increase the ISO when attaching the Instant Back. I would normally shoot with ISO 200 or ISO 400 with my LC-A+. However, once I attached the Instant Back to my LC-A+, I find that whenever I set my camera to ISO 800, I tend to produce good pictures and anything below or above ISO 800 would only result in waste of expensive film.

Your LC-A immediately switches to a Polaroid camera once you attached the Instant Back. You don’t have to wait anymore to see your pictures on print. The photos also come in cute credit card-sized film which you can write on it. I also love the vignette effect in every photo taken using the Instant Back. It is as if the Instant Back automatically frames your photo which saves you the trouble of creating a vignette effect in your photos using your LC-A manually. Phew!

The Instant Back is not without flaws. First of all, by attaching the Instant Back to your camera, it immediately bulks up your camera but it is no excuse to not bring your camera with you everywhere you go (general rule of thumb of photography!). Another lament could be how expensive it is to maintain an Instant Back. The CR2 batteries and Instax films with 10 films per pack could easily burn a hole in your pocket if you frequently use the Instant Back but I feel every penny spent for my Instant Back is worth it.

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