My 2012 in Analogue: Smiles For My Cameras

2012-12-20 2

Time flies. It’s December again. I found that I used analogue cameras instead of digital cameras in 2012. To be honest, I almost forgot about my digital camera but my analogue cameras are always with me almost everyday.

I am grateful that I met analogue photography. This hobby has brightened my life and cheered up my days. It’s time to thank my cameras, so I would like to give them a great smile.

Credits: yokekei

A smile for Fisheye 2. Thanks for making me look cute and funny. Fisheye 2 always allows me to get closer to it and capture wide background with its wide lens.

Credits: yokekei

Smile to La Sardina Seoul Edition. Thanks for capturing me within short distance. You perform well in day and night/indoor with your B mode.

Credits: yokekei

A smile for SuperSampler. Thanks for record my actions, emotions and expression. Great short action recorder with four shots in one photo. SuperSampler is great and fun. I would like to give you different types of smiling face.

Credits: yokekei

A smile for Diana Mini. Little cute and sweet camera. Shoot me in square and half-frame whenever I want. Adult and kids like this lovely camera.

Credits: yokekei

A smile for Sprocket Rocket. A panorama camera with a lower selling price. It’s still new to me and I will practice with it more this coming year.

Credits: yokekei

A smile for Eximus UWS. My first purchased analogue camera. It poisoned me with its dark corners and unexpected sun flare. Eximus UWS always surprising me with the high contrast and vivid color. It’s the best self-portrait camera for me.

Credits: yokekei

Smile to Nikon F55. Thanks for allowing me to hide behind the camera. I love SLR cameras now. It’s fun to play with bokeh and manual focusing.

Credits: yokekei

A smile for Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s. Instant photographs, instant happiness. Thanks for allowing me to share photos with friends and family immediately. Everyone was excited while waiting for the instant developing process.

Thanks for viewing. I love to smile at my cameras. Have you smiled at your cameras?

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Pretty sweet smiles....^..^ Nice article...^..^

  2. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    haha thanks @wuxiong

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