My Analogue 2012: A Photo a Month


Last year, I took part in the year ender series and shared with you all one of my favourite photos from each month in 2011. I am going to do the same again this year and tell you a bit about each shot.

Credits: kneehigh85


I started spending a lot more time in Manchester this year (due to the Lomo store opening up) and January was when I did some of my first trips there. This is a photo of my friend’s boots, and I absolutely love how bright they look with the Colorsplash Flash next to the duller snow.

Credits: kneehigh85


In February I had just got myself a Golden Half Camera in the sales and this was from my first roll on it. Bradford city park had just opened and this was a lovely winters morning for me seeing the area for the first time and I got some photos I was really happy with, like this half frame photo of the town hall and its reflection.

Credits: kneehigh85


This photo wasn’t actually taken in March, but I found a roll of film in my SuperSampler in March and had it developed. I saw these photos from my trip to New York in September the year before and I had forgotten all about them. I suppose that is the beauty of analogue!

Credits: kneehigh85


In April, Dave and me spent a very wet weekend on the North Yorkshire coast. We had a lovely time, although I didn’t take as many photos as I had hoped as we spent a large amount of the week indoors drinking wine and watching zombie movies. I like this photo from the beach as I had taken my new Fuji Natura Classica for the first time.

Credits: kneehigh85


May was more time spent in Manchester snapping away for the Street Team there. Obviously, there was a bit of time for me to take my own photos and this is the first time I have used Tungsten (correctly anyway!) and the first time I used my Canon EOS SLR. I like photos of my feet because, it reminds me of all the places they have walked and all my favourite shoes!

Credits: kneehigh85


June was an exciting month as I went to a workshop at the Manchester Lomo store and it was a filmswap workshop. I haven’t really done many doubles before and I was so chuffed with the results. This one is my favourite because I just think it is so strange that we both chose similar text on the same frame and almost lined it up the same.

Credits: kneehigh85


In July this year, I went to the first festival I have been to in ages and that was Tramlines in Sheffield. This is a photo of the East Park Reggae Collective setting up to play their set. They were by far and away my favourite act of the weekend, and they are from Leeds!

Credits: kneehigh85


In August, I won free tickets to the Olympics so we spent a few fun days in London and were blessed with great weather. This is my favourite photo from that trip as it shows us on a ride, 60 metres in the air, next to the river Thames.

Credits: kneehigh85

9. September

Obviously being in Bulgaria for 2 weeks means I took A LOT of photos in September but this is one of my favourite photos from Sofia. I took it on our first proper day there. We were drunk and it took me 4 attempts at the self timer to get any kind of a result at all. I like it as all 4 of us are on it, and we all look nice and we are standing on an actual Roman Road.

Credits: kneehigh85


I didn’t get out and do as much photography in October (post holiday blues maybe?) and when I did, it wasn’t that great. I took the shot above on a charity zombie walk in Manchester and I love it. It’s quite a strange tattoo admittedly, but gosh, what a bum! Plus, my flash didn’t work but I think I kind of prefer it without.

Credits: kneehigh85


In November, LSI turned 20 and we hit Manchester to celebrate with drinks, cakes and music. This photo is the staff of the store, being all professional and stuff. I really like it as I hadn’t used my LC-Wide for a long time.

Credits: kneehigh85


I haven’t taken many photos yet in December but I got this shot recently after Dave took me to the park to try and help me with my doubles. I am still not as good as him, but I am getting a bit better and I love the vignette on this shot.

I hope to take just as many photos in 2013 — if not more, and I will hopefully be writing another of these articles next December. Happy New Year guys, keep on shooting!

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