DIY Ideas for Gifts and Wrapping: Lomographic Keychains


You have no idea on what you’ll give to your friends for Christmas? Do you want to be original? Do you want to somehow include in your gift a part of you, maybe your Lomographic part? Then read on!

For many days I was thinking of a special gift to give to my friends. I wanted a gift that speaks of me, my love for Lomography. And after days and days of reflection, I lit the lamp: Why not give the Keychain Lomographic?

First I chose three of my Lomographs

Credits: bonzone

Then I consulted my graphic artist exposing him clearly my idea. He immediately offered many different forms of keychain suitable for * Sublimation *-with this technique is transferred directly the printing ink on the base material-there were round, heart-shaped, square, etc. … but due to the size of the Lomographs, my choice fell on the rectangular one …

All this has required a few minutes: first photos were printed on a sheet with ink suitable for sublimation, subsequently the images have been cropped and placed on the keychain, then were placed under the press at 45° C for about one minute. Voitlà, here are the results:

What do you think? I guarantee that they have received a lot of success! : D
Just try it ! Christmas is coming!

Marry Christmas and Happy new Lomo-ing!

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    Very Creative!

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    Nice Article xxxx

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