20th Anniversary Multiple Exposure Workshop


For Lomography’s 20th birthday, we here at the LGS Toronto took to the streets with Dianas in hand looking to multiply expose our beautifully multicultural city. Some of us were layering faces of people we came across on the street. Others were looking to blend architecture, making a seamless image of Toronto.

This fantastic workshop is dedicated to Lomography’s 20th anniversary where we squeezed 20 glowingly analogue images into a roll of medium format film! We ventured out – Dianas loaded with our Lomography 120mm 400 ISO film colour negative film – hitting the streets of Queen West and began capturing and blending all the sweet intricacies our city has to offer! Multiple exposures can be perfectly planned or a completely spontaneous snap, either way the rules are simple:

1. Go out for a lomowalk
2. Load your favorite camera with film
3. TAKE the first shot
4. DON’T ADVANCE the film to the next frame
5. TAKE the second shot
7. REPEAT these points until the last exposure
8. Develop and enjoy the results!

The Diana F+ camera is the perfect tool to create beautiful and surprising multiple exposure pictures. Don’t believe us? Then check out the amazing results we got!

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