Lomographer for a Day: Valva at Kenya


I, analemma, I have lent my Sardina Möbius to my friend Valva to be Lomographer not for one day, but for two weeks to photograph his trip to Africa. Take a look at the amazing photos after the jump!

Credits: analemma

When my friend and bench partner Valva told me he was going to Kenya for two weeks, this report automatically visualized in my heard. In fact I bought the La Sardina Möbius- sardina-cameras/la-sardina-camera-mobius thinking of a 35mm camera that was light and simple, and if aside from those, it had a wide angle lens and allows double exposures, then it’s perfect.

Anyway, I ordered the camera at the Online Shop in early July and two weeks later, without having even opening it, I handed it to Valva in order for her to document her safari trip through African lands.

The truth is that looking at the pictures, I realize that she is a real potential lomographer, although it is also true that with a Kodak Elitechrome and Lomography Tungsten films, it is difficult to take ugly pictures, above all in such places.

Kodak Elitechrome Gallery
Lomography tungsten Gallery

Then, here’s my interview with her:

Analemma: Do you remember the last time you shot an analog film?

Valva: I don’t remember, exactly, but I think my last photos taken with an analog camera were from my travel to Italy with the school so…,eleven years ago.

A: How would you describe the experience in five words?

V: It was an experience that brought back memories, with some uncertainty because I could not see the photos in that moment, original, amazing and exciting

A: What picture of all you took, do you prefer and why?

V: One in which you can see a herd of elephants in the sunset. Light was very nice!

Credits: analemma

A: If you could teleport to anywhere in the world with this camera and a lot of film, where would it be and why?

V: Uffff…There are so many places that I would go! Maybe to Morocco to photograph its architecture and the markets.

A: Do you like lomo cameras? Why?

V: Yes, it was a fun experience and some pictures are very original!

If you want to see the full albums, go here for the Tungsten photos and here for the Kodak Elitechrome ones.

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translated by analemma

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