What I Want for Christmas

2012-12-10 1

Dear Santa: This is my wishlist for 2012. From Amy.

Christmas. The festive time of the year where we have an excuse to splurge and indulge. Whether it’s spending time away from work so you can bond with your family or devouring Christmas ham and mince pies, we all have a special way to celebrate Christmas. For me, I pamper myself with shopping. This year, however, I spoiled myself early and got myself the new Belair X 6-12 camera. However, this does not stop my shopping desires. So, here is my Christmas wish list to Santa this year! A girl can dream right?

ITEM 1 – Spinner 360 Motorizer

My main reason for wanting the Motorizer? So I can finally stop having those awkward panoramic photos where my finger becomes a hook and a complete eyesore.

Credits: amytam

ITEM 2 – LC-Wide

I have yet to become a proud owner of the LC-Wide. This camera has been on my wishlist for the past couple of Christmas. I have yet to call it my own…but maybe Santa can change this for me! wink wink

ITEM 3 – Lomography Redscale 100 35mm

I’m starting to really love shooting with redscale film. Although I stocked up this film in 120, I did not think to load up my fridge with the 35mm version. Now I just hope that Lomography would restock their online store so I can finally stock up!

ITEM 4 – Belair 6-12 Leather Case

This product does not exist…YET! But I’m sure Lomography will produce a beautiful leather case that allows me to protect my new camera during my travel adventures!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I hope all your Christmas wishes come true! Happy Holidays.

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